Music and spirituality

Music has consistently had a close connection with spirituality. For a long-time, music has been used by preachers and spiritual leaders to enhance their effect of their spirituality, they are invariably used with music to inspire and uplift in a bid to ensure that they experience a deeper sense of spirituality. In most of the scenarios that have played out in spirituality, the most philosophical forms of spirituality are considered very peaceful and deep. Some music epitomes, are very aggressive and have a deeply gratifying sense of spirituality. If we are able to listen to music with our innermost ears, we are capable of enjoying a deeper sense of connection between the real life and the spiritual realm we yearn to be in. Music can awaken the inward feeling that we normally keep safe away from the current lives; music unlocks the inner desires of our hearts and enables us to soar high spiritually while still embodied in our physical bodies. Startling as it sounds, that’s exactly what music does.

A popular form of music that is time and again sung to evoke some sort of spirituality is worship music. Worship music is deep and heartfelt. It is sometimes sung time and again to evoke the quality of the spiritual being in our lives. It is also sung to welcome the spirituality today that exists in the embodiment of the Supreme Being to takeover. This is why most of the time you will hear these songs being sung with a deep sense of emotion while, in fact, there seem to be nothing evoking these emotions. If you are to visit many evangelical churches today, the spiritual teachers will demonstrate that worship music is meant to be spiritual. For some saints across the world, signing ecclesiastical music is a way to reach the zenith of spirituality, which is the goal of the saints take the Hindu saints, for example. They sing Bahjan to show their devotion to God. Their devotion then takes them to another level of spirituality that is sometimes considered uplifting and in their wake; they inspire others to do the equivalent.

Spirituality and music is one and the same thing; they can never be separated. From the outer world, many see music as a way to enjoy whatever life has brought forth. Unknown to them, they are, in fact, addicted to the spirituality that music evokes in them. Music has the capacity to bring people together and ensure they are in line with the tradition the music advocates for.