25 thoughts on “WowCraft Episode 18 Mine Your Business

  1. totally accurate. Next sp should be the Mains coming to kick their asses
    then starts a PvP war for the entire zone and eventually causes the siege
    of SW

  2. Make a video about the following:
    A big fight between two warriors. One of them wins, but setill bleeds from
    serious wounds, therefore he wants to mend his wounds with the first aid
    pack. However his “bleed effect” prevents him from doing so breaking the
    channeling of the first aid.
    Another time our hero fights a shadow priest, winning the fight once again
    and he easily heals himself with first aid – the damage caused by mind
    blast and mind flay.
    How about that?

  3. Poor noob.
    Hand on my heart, i never ganked a lowbie in Tarren Mill or Stranglethorn
    didn’t see any point to it. I did get ganked tho… ALOT – by higher
    leveled alliance.

    Seemed to me that alliance-players were usually the more dishonorable ones.

  4. The butthurt on the comments… so strong!
    But anyway, I like how the dwarf would put on his corpse like it were a
    suit, also those forsaken are still adorable XD
    Also the face of that last forsaken, during the intense moment…
    pickpocketting, pure gold.

  5. Ahh node fighting, Such times during the wrath period when people would go
    out of their way to disrupt your mining experince. 

  6. So is this a joke on how people can camp your dead corpse and kill you over
    and over again? Don’t play wow so appreciate anybody providing explanation
    on the joke for this one.

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