What’s the Value of Creativity? – The Business of Life (Episode 3 Trailer)

16 thoughts on “What’s the Value of Creativity? – The Business of Life (Episode 3 Trailer)

  1. In next week’s episode, we discuss the value of creativity: How should we
    compensate artists? And what value do cultural products create in a society?

    Watch “This is the Modern American Family (Episode 2)” –

  2. Reasons why I hate pink skins (also knows as whites)

    1. They killed 20 million Africans
    2. They killed 100 million Native Americans
    3. They constantly race bait then call you a race baiter for calling it out.
    4. They are the highest race of people on welfare FACTS
    5. They killed Jesus

    Thank god they will be the minority in America by 2045

  3. – white boys make up 80% of child molesters while only being 31% of the
    overall population (according to the FBI)
    -36% of white-on-white homicide victims are white females
    – white males accounted for 70% of ALL suicides in 2013
    – white males are statistically most likely to murder women, children, and
    the elderly
    – white males commit 54% of ALL violent crimes in the country, but only 40%
    of their violent crimes are against adults. the other 60% of their violent
    crimes are against children
    – white males make up 70% of those that are locked up for violent crimes
    against children
    *ALL of these stats are copied and pasted from articles that cite the FBI

  4. Why the hell are people talking about race in the comments? It has nothing
    to do with the video, which talks about art and music.

  5. Act enthusiastic and you will be enthusiastic, act happy and you will be

    Success is nothing else than a feeling of happiness, positive mental
    attitude and enthusiasm.
    So why not be more kind with yourself?
    Why not build your confidence and self worth by doing things you think you
    can not do?
    Stop repeating to yourself all the horrible things about what you can, and
    can not do.

    As long as you’re thinking anyway,
    Why not think great, empowering and positive things about yourself?
    Why not think big?
    Why is it so easy for us to think in bad terms about us, and the whole
    It appears that it is a lot more easier for us to be pessimistic than to be
    optimistic, when it is scientifically proven that cultivating optimism is
    one of the activities that make people happier?

    When we see somebody that is acting all happy and optimistic, we tell
    him/her to be more realistic, we tell him/her to stop dreaming and come
    back with his/her feet back on the ground.

    Why is it that being negative is more realistic than being positive, why is
    it that pessimistic is more realistic than being optimistic, when, many
    times, the things we fear so much about, never happen?

    I know I might be crazy for some people out there, but I choose to be an
    optimistic no matter the circumstances because I know it’s good for my
    heath, it makes me feel good and look great.

    I choose to have beautiful, cheerful, optimistic and wonderful thoughts,
    for I am aware that our thoughts create our reality, and because I know
    that we are where we are and who we are, as a result of what we have

    If we want to grow, we have to have the courage to step out of our comfort

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