25 thoughts on “Unfinished Business movie review

  1. Wow with all these bad movies I’m starting to get really scared for 2015
    how about you Jeremy scared

  2. I’ll just watch this online so I dont have to go thru a dreadful hour and a
    half and coming out feeling like I wasted my money. 

  3. I knew from the first moment I saw the commercial for it that this movie
    was going to be bad, but GOOD LORD! I did not expect that it was going to
    be so bad that it would take such a toll on Jeremy. This is why I avoid
    Vince Vaughn movies like the plague.

  4. it’s a vince vaughn movie, dogshit is what describe his whole carrier. this
    guy can’t play and all his movies suck, except for dodgeball maybe. 

  5. ⊂_ヽ
    \( •_•) F
    < ⌒ヽ A
    / へ\ B
    / / \\ U
    | ノ ヽ_つ L
    / / O
    / /| U
    ( (ヽ S
    | |、\
    | 丿 \ ⌒)
    | | ) /
    ノ ) Lノ

  6. My family wants to see this movie tonight, but after hearing all the
    negative reviews i’m starting to get worried. Would should I do? If
    anything I’ll convince them to see Kingman instead.

  7. You know in your Jack and Jill review, you said that that was made to make
    Breaking Dawn: Part 1 look good? Switch Jack and Jill with this and 50
    Shades with Twilight, and it’s pretty much the same.

  8. I didn’t see the movie but your reasons for hating this seem so vague and
    desperate. The simple premise of the movie being Vaughn traveling to
    Germany for a business deal wasn’t enough for you but when the movie tried
    to introduce a little more to the story with Vaughn’s character’s kid being
    bullied you criticized it anyway. And why was it so baffling to you when
    the movie dropped you into the action with Vaughn arguing with his boss?
    You couldn’t use a little of your imagination as to why they were arguing?
    Lol ok whatever you say, Jeremy. I feel like I owe it to this movie to see
    it because of this sloppy ass review.

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