24 thoughts on “Top 10 Celebrity Business Fails

  1. I actually ate at planet Hollywood in vegas, i thought the food was alright
    but the decor was really worth the price and i loved it.

  2. I wish kanye west and Kim Kardashian would disappear. And why is Kardashian
    in predictive text? She’s famous for being talentless. I wish people would
    stop idolising these useless people

  3. Okay here lately I’ve been seeing a lot of Shaq Fu hate I actually loved
    that game I played it the other day to see if 6 year old Keith was stupid
    in 94 but I still enjoyed it.

  4. I wonder if the D.C. Planet Hollywood location is still there? We had our
    2nd grade graduation party there and it had a skywalk and a big screen
    showing the newest music videos. BTW has anyone been to the BET restaurant
    in Landover, MD?

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