25 thoughts on “The Best Change in Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D? (Business Scrub)

  1. I’ve been thinking about a new smash Zelda character for a long time and
    they missed so many opportunities. Young link could have returned and would
    have made for a completely unique character. They don’t even have to use
    the Masks. Imagine if they made him a transforming character that could go
    to adult link, With an ocarina of time based moveset, And for the final
    smash Epona

  2. Good change. Does the same thing happen for other infuriating cutscenes
    repeated again and again and again? Or in this version do you at least have
    the opportunity to skip after the first time?

  3. Yeah if this was the best change, this doesn’t bode well. :p

    But at least it saves some time. Unfortunately, this minor pro isn’t enough
    to counteract both the Deku Link and Zora Link nerfs.

  4. This is a change I’m very happy about. I’m one of the many people who know
    the pain of that cutscene…. ugh! You said a little while back that you
    haven’t completed the game yet, right Andre? Well, two of my biggest hopes
    for this remake that could still be possible (since we don’t know yet) is:

    1. Being able to use the Fierce Deity’s mask anywhere, not just bosses.
    Yeah, no big detail as you have kinda completed the game once you get the
    mask, but it would be a nice little touch.

    2. Master Quest. Ohyes baby. I’m not talking Hero Mode, but actually Master
    Quest. Hero Mode is just more difficult because 1 thing is remover (being
    natural hearts) and that enemies are a bit stronger. And that’s great and
    all, but it is a bit… weak. Master Quest has more enemies, mirrored world
    and revamped dungeon puzzles, making the experience feeling more fresh than
    Hero Mode. And since it’s been in development since 2011, and that OOT3D
    and MM3D obviously runs on the same engine – I have high hopes! :)

  5. This game looks so good. I’ve preordered the Special Edition (EU), and I’m
    really, really hyped.
    My only worry is that I won’t like the 3-day mechanic. Has anybody got some
    advice for my first playthrough? I really want to love this game…

  6. So this was the change that you built up so much, making us wait and wait
    Just walk around the trigger, and if you’re pro do a gainer or twisted
    backflip and skip it completely.
    Plus what they did to actually fix it makes it look extremely choppy.

  7. but… I like the Groundhog Day feeling.
    It’s the entire point of the game.
    You SHOULD get annoyed by the same goddamn thing happening every time.

  8. I hate this change because it makes the game a lot less like the original.
    I liked being frustrated because it gave me a constant flaccid sword
    between my thighs to flop around when I was angry. That intuitiveness is
    now gone. I don’t always like to be happy and enjoy Majora’s Mask. Like
    other games, I like it when my game tells me to go f*** myself and calls me
    dirty by having long and repetitive cutscenes like this one. It’s not a
    fetish that I have; that’s just what the original Majora’s Mask had that
    this one does not.

    That is why this game gets -1/10. It’s just not same.

  9. Thank the lord.

    Though, if this is the best change, then I suppose that rules out making
    majora harder. I’d say it rules out a master quest mode or a unchanged
    mode, as well, but the latter wouldn’t really be a change so much as a
    feature, so I can still hope (and inevitably be dssapointed

  10. THIS piece of shit was the best change? A loading time for Deku Scrubs?
    This is why I don’t get remakes – they aren’t worth your money, and it’s
    just a carbon copy of a game many people have already played. Unless this
    is your first time, why bother? I honestly don’t see why people get so
    overly hyped over bland remakes.

  11. If EA was handling the port, you could skip it for $4.99 on the first
    playthrough or use a great season pass to skip cutscenes for 6 months and
    get a deku stick for free*

    *it breaks after one use

  12. I really hope I’m not the only one who isn’t bothered in the slightest by
    any of the changes they’ve made to Majora’s Mask 3D…

  13. That was a bit overblown for being apparently the best change to the game.
    Wow, so they shortened a cutscene that wasn’t exactly long in the first
    place and only is activated when you go near the flower which in the
    original game was kind of tucked into a corner. Positively riveting. If you
    want long cutscenes that are not skippable play Kingdom Hearts the original
    and have fun with Maleficent dragon or Riku Ansem and then come back and
    try to tell me this one is long.
    Oh, and just in case anyone tries to argue with this one too check your
    grammar and make it correct sentences.

  14. We needed an HD Upgrade not a “re-imagining” of what the game should have
    been. You reset time and yeah you reset the the Business Deku from coming
    in. You only use this specific deku flower TWICE at most. That is it.
    Having a choppy and cut segment is terrible and doesn’t change the fact
    that everything has been nerfed. WE WANT THE ORIGINAL!

  15. This change is so pointless..and it looks so choppy too..i’d rather have a
    “skip” feature or something.

    I hope the bosses are harder. I know they’re different.

  16. I know Andre was just speaking for himself on this, and I haven’t played
    the game myself (since I’m just an average customer and not a member of the
    press who got the game weeks in advance for previews and reviews), but I
    still think the “best change” is the change to the Song of Double Time.
    Being able to skip ahead to a specific point in time rather than being
    constrained only to 12 hour intervals (the “dawn” and “night” transitions)
    is something I really wished the original had, so the fact they added it to
    this remake made me go “THANK YOU!!!” the moment I heard that detail. In
    particular this will really come in handy when doing the Anju and Kafei
    sidequest since a lot of it requires needing to be at specific areas at
    specific times of the day.

  17. Have you guys made a video about the 2 fishing holes yet? I’m really
    curious about them, and what rewards you get.

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