25 thoughts on “Super Mario Galaxy: Serious Business – PART 1 – Game Grumps

  1. When I saw the Thumbnail I was Like
    And the first joke they start out with was U R MR GAY I’m like
    “This is going to be a good playthrough”

  2. spoiler alert, arin i going to lose his shit and danny will rape him or
    not. on other news i have aids

  3. I wonder if they made the connection that “Mama” isn’t actually Peach but
    Rosalina by the time they saw her…

  4. Of course they’d sexualise the bunnies. This is going to be a damn good
    series. I’m sure the toad scene is going to get animated too xD

  5. anyone notice the lack of ds games? is this because of a lack of a capture

  6. Arin, do you really want to put yourself through another 3D Mario
    Platformer? I sense that your going to become insane if you even attempt
    the purple coin challenges.

  7. Me: The day as come…”
    Laura: “May God have mercy on our soul…”
    Me: *whispers* Grab the lube.
    Laura: What?
    Me: Grab some food.

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