21 thoughts on “Starting a New Business!

  1. Happy Sunday friends! Dress Giveaway Ends TODAY (5/3/15) at 6pm PST
    Please leave a comment with your email address or Twitter handle so I can
    contact you ASAP. Winner must respond within 12 hours so I can ship out
    first thing Monday before my trip. Good luck!!!

  2. Me me me ! I want the dress! Why you say well because after my husband
    comes back from deployment they are going to have a military ball! And I
    would love to use that dress! 

  3. April you’re such a beautiful person. I love watching your daily vlogs.
    Especially Liam that always looks so handsome.

  4. I would like to get this dress for my sister for her prom , we had bought
    her a prom ticket and she couldn’t afford the dress that she wanted , and
    that dress looks so similar it’s unbelievable , you don’t know how happy
    she would be and how appreciative we would be to get this , btw I love your
    vlogs watch them everyday :) happy late birthday Liam 

  5. April,

    You are such a wonderful and kind woman. Always thinking about others. It
    amazes me!!! There are so many girls out there that would love to own a
    beautiful dress like that. Although, I would love to own it. I do not need
    it and would love for someone who maybe cannot buy this beautiful dress to
    have the chance to get it. Thank you and I watch you every single day!!!!

  6. I know a Young girl that is going to her prom that is in need of a dress
    her family lost everything in a fire in Brooklyn two weeks ago I know she
    would love it 

  7. Hey! Could someone help me please! In a vlog Justin mentioned that he
    booked their rental place for when they go to Hawaii on another website
    other than airbnb does anyone remember the name of it? Or can give me other
    website suggestions ? My boyfriend and I are trying to fly to LA in August
    so we are trying to book a place by next month or July THANKS IN ADVANCE!

  8. OMG Congratulations Justin on the new business!! This is so amazing and I
    know you are going to succeed and go so far with it. Everything you touch
    turns to gold! And you so deserve it

  9. Hey April i would like the dress because my best friend is getting married
    in California. I’ve been trying to find something to wear but i can’t find
    anything. i’ve never been to a wedding before lol. Congratulations on the
    business you guys :)

  10. Hello Justin congratulations on your new adventure. Best wishes and much
    success and longevity with your business.

  11. April “Yes that’s the sucution bowl it work sometimes”

    Liam: oh yeah mom let’s see if it works today!


  12. I’m just curious about what happend to your old businesses?
    Saturday Sunshine
    And Next Level? And isn’t your idea basically what the KIN network does for
    you guys? 

  13. i remember when everyone was hating on miya and kiera from itsjudyslife
    saying how more adance liam was. meanwhile both of the twins were walking
    by this point

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