25 thoughts on “Show Your Business Plan!

  1. So expensive just to buy this tea? Aiya like that go coffee shop buy
    chinese tea also boleh laa……

  2. Is this how usually scam works ?
    Cause i had a friend which i didnt expect he would be landed in this line.
    He introduced me this business plan where i just need to promote this to a
    few more people and the other people will promote making the plan more
    spread out . Thats how i would earn money he said. But before this , i need
    to buy a product from them which is few $k. I immediately backed off cause
    im not sure bout it. 

  3. So everyone should start joining your YouTuber Business Programs and teach
    them how to be a YouTuber starting from RM99, after you signed up you get a
    free YouTube account, and then will teach how how to be a famous YouTuber
    and earn free bucks through downloadable e-program.

    So you after signed up, you can start recruit new people to join this too,
    but for every new people sign up, you can get 6% commission from their RM99
    sign up fee, so is that simple? For deep sign up below 2 level you can get
    3% of their sign up fee, max level you can get is 6 level. Now I can be
    this program pioneer! WooHOOOO!!!!

  4. This is so true because a lot of people at ebeibg cheated by these kinds of
    stuff and in the end gets caught up in debts

  5. would be funny if ernest last part say dont want join this business then
    say he want join back security guard xDD

  6. i’ll legit cry if someone come like that. that’s freaking scary. leave me
    and my drink alone srsly xD

  7. +DanKhooProductions Bro, you guys shoot so long only share one milkshake..
    From 1 table to another.. What is this!!!! LOL!!

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