Selling Weapons: It’s Good for Business (Excerpt from ‘Rearming Iraq’)

25 thoughts on “Selling Weapons: It’s Good for Business (Excerpt from ‘Rearming Iraq’)

  1. In this excerpt from the International Defense Expo in Abu Dhabi, VICE News
    speaks with representatives from arms manufacturers as well as a general
    from the US military overseeing foreign military sales about their current
    business in the Middle East.

    Watch “Rearming Iraq: The New Arms Race in the Middle East” –

  2. This is the same exact shit in the documentary you fucks whoever runs vice
    shane or that other asshole better let me shit on them

  3. I’m no fan of Russian politics of late, but this constant US vs Russia
    subtext in every major news outlet is starting to get on my nerves.

  4. 2:15 fucking hippie reporter, asking why the us shipping weapons to Iraq?
    uhm Iraq is a big Us Allie, and it is at war with a very dangerous
    terrorist group. Human rights issues can wait you hippie

  5. Russians clap their butts estatically when US arms get captured by ISIS,
    but when videos surfaced of rebels using next-gen kornets and Igla systems
    then you won’t find any mention of it from their side and rather complete
    denial and accusations of being Nazi.

  6. Wait, so Vice posted an ‘excerpt’ of a report of which the full version of
    it was already posted weeks ago? Why?

  7. Are you worried about selling weapons ? Holyy shit , more of stupid
    questions , it is an weapons
    , they are built to KILL, thats the point…. and of course they don`t

  8. Why does this guy through out the whole video have to give his
    philosophical opinion to everyone. so annoying. Just report the facts and
    let the views decide.

  9. LOL, watch these weapon s get into Isis’s hands…
    then they’ll blame Islam..:D as if they were to leave the religion
    they would suddenly be happy peaceful law-abiding citizens :D…………

  10. this is fucking retarded. Iraq has the full right to have a military. We
    are fighting the strongest terrorist organization in history.. by
    ourselves. Iraq is an ally of the US that’s also a democracy. We face a
    serious threat where people are being decapitated by Islamic terrorists and
    we need to kick them our and secure our borders.

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