25 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time 4×06 Promo “Family Business” (HD)

  1. okay how and why is belle in andrelle we know anna was sent home she forced
    rumple to do it and i doubt she back in the echanted forest so how are
    belle and anna together

  2. the scroll in the promo says:
    “my search will continue
    to the ends of the earth
    one thing i know for sure
    the name of the savior is emma
    the savior shall be my sister
    the family must be complete”


    ANDOUTLAWQUEENISBACK!!!!!!!! I’m not sure I can wait a whole week. 

  4. Aww Emma & Regina wit their hubbys I missed Robin so happy he will be in
    this ep Regina has been hot mess without him
    Also really hope belle will stick up for herself wat does he mean he
    trusted her he was the one lying to her seriously can’t stand rumple he is
    out of control

  5. Just for a heads up and this is just based on general knowledge of the
    original sow queen fairytale (so it is technically not spoiler territory):

    The snow queen myth involves with a mirror and that mirror was said to be
    created by the devil himself to deceive the hearts of many and see the
    darkness in others and not see the good. The devil (or was it the snow
    queen?) sent the mirror unto the heavens as a challenge to God, but the
    mirror was shattered by God and its shards fell onto the earth in the form
    of snow and ice. In the story, the shards of the mirror would enter into
    the eyes of people and make their hearts cold as ice and see the darkness
    and ugliness of the world. The Snow Queen comes to the story as the bringer
    of winter, where she would collect the shards from the people whose hearts
    have turned cold and would then take the shards from them in order to
    reassemble the mirror. This my friends is one part of the Snow Queen story
    written by my favorite author Hans Christian Anderson (who also wrote the
    original tragedy of “the little mermaid”). If you want to know more, you
    could look it up.

    Many adaptations had often altered the original storyline or implied some
    of its themes because the story itself seemed too dark for children to take.

    So when OUAT decided to pull out the Snow Queen as well, I was kinda glad
    they did but even until now, there’s still a little debate whether the
    Queen was evil or not in many adaptations.

  6. HOLY SH*T
    Belle though
    and CS though
    and OQ though
    but on the other hand
    rumbelle though
    and Anna
    and so much rumbelle pain

  7. The Snow Queen & The Evil Queen are both the same. They have an actual
    family and friends who love them and then they have weird shit going on in
    ther head thinking “Oh my god, I will be evil.” No wonder everyone starts
    seeing you bad and evil. And what is wrong with Regina, does she really
    thing a happy ending is still a happy ending if you force it? No. It just
    shows how lame you are that you force your happy ending and in the end it
    didn’t just happen on it’s own. Anyways, how did Snow Queen even end up in
    our world and found out about Emma. And Belle & Anna, best friends forever.
    xD And yeah finally Belle will break up/divorce from Rumpelstiltskin. I
    hate him. And and villains don’t get happy endings. 😀 Oh oh oh and The
    Snow Queen all in white last episode. AWESOME THING ;D
    And Rumple never trusted Belle. If he did he would’ve give Belle the
    dagger in the first place. But he could’ve say that to Henry who looked
    around to find out something. If it was Henry, I would say that Henry
    should be putting trust in his grandpa. Henry is the only hope that out of
    Rumpel could be a good person. :)

  8. The one thing that shocked me in episode 5, was that David said to Snow
    that they weren’t going to end up on Asgard. and that got me thinking, does
    David know about Asgard? Can we really get Asgard into Once Upon A Time,
    and please let the Marvel’s Thor cast be involved. It will be so awesome!!

  9. I’ll just keep waiting until we finally get an episode which revolves
    around Will Scarlet. So we’ll finally know why he’s in Storybrooke and not
    Wonderland, where he should be with his wifey Anastasia.

  10. Shit, this show is getting better and better. Story gets complicated and
    less sugary than it was in first seasons. Also, cgi effects iproved greatly
    since the show started. On a side note- from first ep I had a feeling
    Anna-Elsa sisterhood might be revealed not to be so charming and flawless.
    That relationship was a huge focus in “Frozen” and since this show is ment
    to be a real take on children’s cartoons and fairy tales, there’s plenty of
    room for adapting the source material and bending it in either direction.
    Therefore, the strong and pure Anna/Elsa relationship that was visible in
    Disney’s movie, might be somehow tainted in OUAT. Otherwise, it’d be too
    predictible. Elsa’s searching for beloved Anna, so it only makes sense that
    shit gets flipped around 360 degrees, and Anna is actually revealed to be
    Elsa’s nemesis or something.

  11. Now I understand why the snow queen was at the end, she probably adopted
    Emma, and then um… I don’t know, but I think the snow queen cast an
    amnesia spell on Emma so she would forget that they even met. It all makes
    sense now. But how does the snow queen find Emma? That’s the question.

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