24 thoughts on “Nintendo’s Failed Business Model

  1. I don´t remember AngryJoe uploading Smash Gameplay to Youtube. He posted
    Mario Kart 8 gameplay footage, and that got copyright claimed. I have
    monetized my Smash Brothers videos, and they are not copyright claimed. My
    Mario Kart 8 video is the only video that is copyright claimed. The problem
    is with Nintendo of Japan. Nintendo of America is a lot more accepting of
    Let´s Plays. Japanese companies in general have been against Let´s Plays.

  2. From what I understand, it’s a bot that does this not them. When I watched
    Joe’s vid he made it seem like you can’t even make the video, I was
    confused because I was multiple smash channels, shofu for example, but I am
    not sure about the whole monetize thing, didn’t know that.

  3. I have to disagree with you, mr. Repzion. This is YouTubes fault, not
    nintendo’s. YouTube has done this many times before, it’s broken. It
    automatically copyright strikes videos. You think Nintendo has better
    things to do than copyright some guy on YouTube’s video??

  4. I grew up with the N64, and I still get nostalgia when I see games like
    Ocerina Of Time. It’s the modern Nintendo consoles that made me grow to
    hate them. The Wii had crappy motion controls, the New 3DS is just a
    cashgrab, and the Wii U was a rushed to the market console with one gimmick
    to keep up with the console war. Fuck you too, Nintendo. Fuck you too.

  5. Be careful Repzion, you showed the case of the game in your video for over
    5 seconds. Remember you can’t videotape your own property.

  6. I remember this happened several months ago but it was more severe. One
    douchebag, money grubbing whore went as far as saying “I am honestly
    considering putting all my videos on private just so Nintendo can’t profit
    off of my videos”. Hypocrisy level reached a new height. When I covered
    Mario Kart 8, all 8 cup videos were content ID claimed and I was fine with
    it. Why? Because I cannot refute anything. My videos were completely based
    on their game, it would be a douchebag move from me to rage at them.

  7. Okay, before i watch this i will post this, if this is about the ac adapter
    that is not included i will flip the fuck out. Please don’t say you sink so
    low and say that Nintendo fail cause of an ac adapter. Oh well, back to the

  8. IMO Youtubers are just too entitled, they think because they add commentary
    that it somehow negates the fact that they don’t own the footage. When you
    purchase a game, you buy a Licence to play it, you do not own the assets in
    the game or any of the content on the disk. Youtube is a visual Medium and
    I guarantee without the gameplay footage, your commentary doesn’t mean
    anything. Angry Joe is just a little baby, Reviews don’t need clips or and
    images, I mean, reviews were originally paragraphs of text in a newspaper,
    he just knows that he needs the footage to make more views.

  9. I hope you didn’t just suggest you wasted time playing a game because you
    didn’t have the ability to make money off of it. I have no problem with you
    getting paid, it doesn’t affect me at all. I’ve just been noticing
    youtubers who lp not wanting to play games at all unless they get paid, to
    me those people aren’t gamers. I’m talking about the ones who refuse to
    even turn on their system unless they get money for it… 

  10. This is one of the many reasons I will never purchase any Nintendo consoles
    or games(probably redundant to say that since they only make games for
    their consoles). They prove time and time again that they’re one of the
    greediest companies alive. The fact that they really haven’t had any
    notable original titles in over a decade and that virtually every rendition
    of the next game only just has enough of a change to satify their hardcore
    fans further proves this. Sure, they’re actually trying to innovate in some
    way with their consoles, but what they ship out as part of their little
    experiments is clunky at best and half-assed at worst.

  11. If you look at their Wii U sales falling behind the Xbone, PS4 in 2014,
    despite the fact they had a lot of great games released. It shows the YT,
    and other advertising decisions they made have greatly affected their
    bottom line.

  12. It’s wierd how selective Nintendo is about this issue. They content id some
    Youtubers like you and Angry Joe, but don’t content id others like PBG,
    ProJared, Chuggaaconroy, JWittz, The Completionist, Shofu and The Game
    Grumps. What process do they use for this system? I also heard Nintendo of
    Japan is reaching out to online video content creators in Japan on Nico
    Nico, but I wonder what makes Youtube so different. Is it because Youtube
    isn’t predominantly Japanese?

  13. Daniel, you held the Super Smash Bros in the camera for over 5 seconds,
    watch out before they decide to copyright this video. I’ve gotta say this
    is the damn reason Nintendo is going in the shit. They make good games but
    nobody knows they exist because they don’t want the free advertising. When
    Nintendo dies out in a couple of years this will be the reason, no one even
    knows they’re still around. Just like Atari 

  14. Nintendo are also stupid because they’ve failed to realize that the people
    who grew up on and loved their games are now adults, many of which have
    moved on to PS/Xbox/PC because Nintendo refuses to target them with any of
    their titles, or offer them any of the flexibility found on these other

  15. My only hatred for Nintendo just stems on their obsession on keeping their
    games on their own platforms. I’m the kinda guy who prefers having all his
    eggs in one basket, so I’m almost entirely on PC. Nintendo has a couple
    good games that are not rehashed-as-all-hell (Mario, LoZ), but I’ll never
    play them since they seem to be fatally allergic to PC.

    If they expanded their games to other platforms not their own, I bet they
    would make a lot more money, but I’m not gonna spend a couple hundred
    dollars just to play a handful of games on their systems.

  16. I hate how Nintendo comes out with new, better versions of their handhelds
    nearly every year. That’s a big middle finger to early adopters if you ask

  17. Yup and their support for competitive gaming in general is poor. It took
    the Smash Bro’s Melee community years before they were aloud to stream
    tournaments on twitch, and then they completely castrated the complex
    technical wonders of melee when they made Brawl and SB4. I was going to buy
    a Wii U just for smash 4 but now I changed my mind. Shame on you Sakurai…

  18. What I’m getting at is you’re too lazy to get a job of your own, so you sit
    here and play games expecting to get money.

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