25 thoughts on “Monster Hunter 4: Monkey Business w/ Cry and Criken

  1. The monkey man was vicious. He had sharp shiny claws and silly fluffy ears.
    His nose trumpet was at-least the size of three man.

  2. Why have all the youtubers I’ve watched go straight from Kecha whacha to
    tetsucabra? Was this from a press demo or something?

  3. I can’t believe he made an entire video with nothing but Monster Hunter 3
    footage and accidentally titled it “Monster Hunter 4″. What a big slip-up. 

  4. ”Capcom, take notes, up the difficulty”
    **Continues to get completely fucked up by a flying baboon**

  5. I love how Criken can’t even figure out how to charge his Charge Axe.
    (Block and press the A button)

  6. You’d think after playing some Monster Hunter 3 Criken would be a tad
    better at this game and remember to bring stuff >_>

    Silly Criken. Get your things and go get you some monkey fur. You can do
    it! :3

  7. It may be me…but it seems like monster hunter 3 ultimate looks better
    than monster hunter 4.

    Did mhu3 ultimate get released later than this game? Or has the quality
    gone down significantly?

  8. ….eh. I really like Criken, but this wasn’t funny at all. Like, at /all/.
    They never really hit any big energy moments, and the commentary makes it
    sound like they’re just grinding out a playthrough for the sake of adding
    to Criken’s woefully lacking video quota. Try harder next time, Artyom. =/

  9. Do you record all your streams? Might not be a bad idea to make a hub
    channel on youtube for past streams like what Vinesauce Vinny and Joel do.
    just to give to those who want the whole course

  10. Small explanation for small monsters in online mode, like that Aptonoth at
    about 2:20:
    To save bandwidth, small monsters are only rendered player-side, and don’t
    synchronize from player to player. It does keep track of which mook is
    which though, which explains the same Aptonoth dying behind Criken for the
    other guy.
    Large monsters are synced though, for obvious reasons.

  11. I like the monster hunter series. They’re all really solid games and I know
    this is probably the fault of the WiiU rather than the games themselves,
    but seriously… Both MH3 and 4 look like they belong on a Playstation 2.
    Pretty sure Shadow of the Colossus had better graphics.

  12. I never had issues with Kecha Wacha.
    Then again, I used Hammer on it.
    *It wasn’t so smug after I bashed its fucking head in.*

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