25 thoughts on “Minecraft – Sjins Farm #84 – Brewing Business

  1. To be fair, Texas also has a bunch of people. (Also, it’s ‘Bible Belt’)

    Also, the blocks in Minecraft have been stated as 1 meter cubed.

  2. Mississippi lewis, that is where the fat people live. However, texas isnt
    far off… Hah, you know it says 30-35% obesity in texas, but I swear that
    I only see a handful of even over weight (not obese) people during my days
    at my college, and I would say I see at least 100-200 people each day.
    DEFINITELY not even 30 people. But, maybe college students are more on the
    slimmer side, so maybe what I see is inaccurate. Idk. 

  3. “Texas is the capital of fat people.” ~ Lewis Brindley 2014
    I’m not from Texas but I am from the southern part of the U.S. and that was
    probably the funniest damn thing I’ve heard all day. X3

    Also, It’s called the Bible Belt. But the Fat Belt is probably a more
    accurate term. Lol

  4. Did Sjin say niggering at the end? I think he meant to say niggling but it
    did’nt sound like it. He should also wear a green wizard hat, since he is
    the green wizard.

  5. I’m offensive and find this Texan,

    In all seriousness you lot are not as bad as the polish when it comes to
    being a patriotic retard!

  6. Sjin if you mess with genetics you could make a GIGANTIC chili tree…..
    You could even make the Yellow Maranti grow chilies. So ya mahogany and
    Like so he can see.

  7. Help! Whenever I try to join a yogspack server my yogspack crashes, i have
    allocated the maximum ram and it still crashes.

  8. Why do Texans keep their diplomas on their dashboard?

    So they can park in handicap spaces.

    (I am sooo, so sorry, Texas!)

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