25 thoughts on “Minecraft :: Hermitcraft #53 – A Fishy Business

  1. “… Back to feed the addiction called ‘grass breaking'”

    New series, brought to you by TangoTek :P

  2. dont take these hate-comments to seriously. ppl who think they act cool by
    posting immature stuff have just a tiny self esteem..
    also: have fun in london bro^^

  3. Yeah, you know a little bit about villager magic. It’s not like you have
    built the most efficeint iron farm in the world or anything, then beat
    that, and beat again, no.

  4. You should do the game show with the best friends on the server like x&
    biffa, hypno& dmac, etc

  5. I think the one person that disliked this video was a Viking that read
    “Dis I like”!

  6. I think you should extend the columns with netherbrick up, but use regular
    stone for the main path. So you still have the light-grey line along the
    road, but interrupted occasionally when a column seeks to support the

  7. Tango can you make a episode of you playing games in hermit thrils with a
    group of people ( srry for abad english i’m from the Netherlands

  8. It’s okay if you don’t upload consistently, your a human with a life that
    deserves self enjoyment and doesn’t have to spend there whole life making
    entertainment for people you don’t even know

    Do what you want with your life, Tango, I hope you enjoy your holiday! :D

  9. Have fun in Minecon, just enjoy your life, we know you do not have a lot of
    time with your full time job, you already do a lot. I hope one day you’ll
    be able to do youtube full time (or maybe half-time)

  10. i got fairly confused when you said that the vlog got some negative
    responses. i mean that’s just unnatural o.O i honestly think that the
    audience has no right to complain about your vacation, especially the
    vacation with your family.

    i mean for someone to get upset about such a thing, one would have to be
    pretty damn selfish. all I’m trying to say is; have a good vacation (both
    of them) and ignore the negativity of some weird people

    also, the nether stairs in the roof of the hallway looks great, it sort of
    attaches the walls to the roof in a way

  11. Omg unsubscribe this is ridiculous! No new content jeez man. Jk jk lol.
    I’ve been saying you’ve needed a break. Only having one breakdancing pigman
    was fine. Relax stop being so hard on yourself and have fun at minecon.
    We’ll be waiting for you when you get back

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