25 thoughts on “Minecraft: Cube SMP S2 – Episode 37 – Business Partner

  1. “oh man i actually need to go to the end at the end of this episode to get
    ender balls and i wanna check out what kermit has done with the endermen

    wow so many ends…

  2. I literallyhacked this comment so you can’t like it!
    int main()
    if likeButtonPressed=”true” then cout “ERROR”
    if dislikeButtonPressed=”true” then execute “dislike.h”
    return 0;

    How’s my coding? XD
    Not doing this for likes

  3. Finally, another video! You take so long to make videos, ugh it’s so
    annoying 469 maze it straub ;-;

    Joke, ily<3

  4. Dat save strawb! Hahaha

    Strawb : We can do it in minecraft baby!

    Bee : Wait,wait,what did you just call me?

    Strawb : I said we can do it in minecraft, cant we??

    Me : hahshahahHaha strawb and Bee 

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