25 thoughts on “Mind Yo’ Business!

  1. Has anyone EVER had the experience of telling their friend they shouldn’t
    be dating someone and the friend actually saw the error of their ways and
    left them? Anyone? ANYONE? lol. Just saying.

  2. I think if the two are happy together and love each other, let them be.
    They may break up but that’s part of life and Chris is made out to be a bad
    guy when he isn’t. Maybe y’all should mind yo business! 

  3. LOL now chris diss her ass bad on instagram for talking that mess. Better
    to be quiet before your career ends lol #TeamBreezzy

  4. Wow Chris Brown is mad at Adrienne and Tamar for this? He’s so sensitive. I
    thought they were saying crazy ish about him… this is so soft. I hope he
    takes back what he said about them

  5. These chicks should’ve taken their own advice… Can’t stand day time shows
    with women just talking about people smh

    Good that Chris Brown went in on them

  6. Chris Brown is a bitch! I don’t mind guys cursing females out, but nothing
    was said for him to disrespect those women the way he did. Send his ass
    back to jail.
    I want Wendy Williams to drag his ass on her show, he’ll really be pissed

  7. I like how this was entitled mind yo business….
    And I don’t think you can use ” I have my own tv show” as a comeback when
    you share it with 4 other bitches y’all ain’t Wendy Williams and I’m sure
    she’ll have lot of fun talking about this on HER tv show BY HERSELF with

  8. I find it mad ironic the description says “The Real” ladies weigh in on the
    importance of staying out of other people’s relationships.” but they’re all
    up in someone’s relationship….

  9. That’s why CB went in on their antique irrelevant ass. Don;t comment on
    people’s relationships. Especially not you Tamar lets not forget before
    Vince you was gettin your ass beat and Adrienne is just another hoe.

  10. These ladies are talking about Karreche and Chris’s relationship? why?
    Seriously, it is none of their business. I understand why Chris came at
    them though. Tamera did an interview some time ago, bawling buckets of
    tears because people were judging her relationship with Adam, saying why is
    she with a white guy, and calling her the white’s man w***e. She did not
    like it, that is how Chris is feeling. He does not like the fact you guys
    are talking about his relationship. At the end of the day it’s their
    relationship we don’t know what goes on behind the scenes. You ladies were
    out of line for this. Please mind your business. Remember, don’t start
    nothing, there won’t b nothing! or Don’t come for me, If I didn’t send for

  11. I dont think they were trying to beIittle or insult chris on purpose but I
    think because he is actually good to Karruchee, them making it seem like
    he’s a bad guy kinda pissed him off.. I get it but damn he went hard lol
    they really are judging him, Karruchee, and her friends tho. That’s not

  12. I can’t believe I am saying this but I disagree with what Chris said to
    Adrienne and Tamar. I saw the clip yesterday and they didn’t say anything
    wrong or disrespectful to either Ketchup or Chris. I doubt that he even saw
    the clip. He probably reacted off of what someone told him. Tamar actually
    defended him from the bad guy comment that actually came from Jeannie Mai’s
    mouth and Adrienne’s comment came from a general place but used Chris, his
    girl, Justin Beiber, Selena and their own personal stories as examples of
    situations that a lot of girls go through. He’s a celebrity so he’s going
    to be talked about like everyone else in the public eye. Once again he’s
    putting himself in a bad situation. He was nasty for no reason once again.
    He was so mean to the women but never goes after guys like Charlemagne
    because he’s wittier and is a male. 

  13. Why aint they talking about 50 cent and his son? why aint they talking
    about Jay-z and beyonce? Because, their career will probably be on suicide

  14. People need to stop making excuses for Chris Brown. There’s a difference
    between being a fan and being real. He has been in the limelight for a long
    time and he should be able to take criticism without attacking people.
    There are plenty of other celebrities who receive tons of criticism but you
    don’t seem them throwing chairs, cussing people out, and making a fool of
    themselves. He’s better than that. It’s time he starts acting like it. 

  15. Tamar and Adrienne didn’t even say anything negative. It was the Asian girl
    who said he is a bad guy. In fact, Tamar defended him. What Adrienne said
    was simply accurate. Karreuche is not a celeb and her friends likely reap
    benefits from her relationship (when Chris is not ditching her for
    Rihanna). If you are in the public eye, people are going to comment. He
    queened out for no reason. 

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