24 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Business

  1. Last day of school today, just finished my art folio and I did a massive
    section about Casey and Stanley Kubrick, my two biggest inspirations as a

  2. Do you ever get scared of your equipment just leaving them unattended for a
    couple of seconds in the street? And what would you do if a guy steals your
    camera just before you arrive to it?

  3. Dear commenters. Candice also has what I have: Bitchy Resting Face. Our
    faces, when they’re not engaged in expression, are relaxed into a scowl.
    Deal with it. Also, whoever said that a woman is required to smile at you
    to make YOU feel better? Also, also, Candice has a really sweet giggle.
    Watch some old videos and you’ll hear it.

  4. Can’t you file a provisional patent application and then have protection
    for a year while still being able to discuss the business publicly?

  5. Dude. I was JUST trying to say your last name as your face appeared saying
    it the right way. wtf? is this for real?

  6. Still the best looking vlog on youtube right now. Has anyone noticed the
    other vlog channels stepping up there game since Casey started his? Because
    I sure have

  7. Do you have any German or Dutch roots? Nei Stat could mean New City in old
    Dutch or German. Maybe that explains your love for the city, since your
    possible ancestors (Dutch) started New Amsterdam. Which later became New

  8. “what dirty business…” gotta love candice.
    also, would love to see more of that UPS guy cuz he looks legit

  9. So, for historical reference, there’s only two important time periods:
    Before Casey’s Vlogs started, and After Casey’s Vlogs started. I am glad we
    are living in the “ACV”

  10. Maybe you should include a time lapse of you editing the vlog every once in
    a while, I think that might be kinda cool

  11. What’s the secret for no camera shake while riding the bike and holding the
    camera or walking while holding the camera. Thanks 

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