25 thoughts on “Kane prepares to do what’s “best for business”: Raw, April 13, 2015

  1. Thumbnail reminds me of Team Hell No when they yelled at each other
    screaming “IM THE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!”

  2. Daniel is right. Before Kane was a monster and beat the hell out of you.
    Now Kane will take you to court and sue you.

  3. Car battery and testicles? Do I see a little bit of Big Red in
    there?…………Oooh I think I do. WHO’S A BIG RED MACHINE?! WHO’S A BIG
    RED MACHINE?! THAT’S RIGHT YOU ARE KANE!……Hey it’s late and I’m stuck
    doing a paper. Get off my nads.

  4. Kane was referencing what he did to Shane McMahon after he unmasked, when
    he was talking about the car battery and testicles. 

  5. Kane has never looked so intimidating, being bossed around by the man who
    stole Kaitlyns hairstyle and two midgets behind him. Then he shouts in that
    midget B+ players face and Bryan barely flinches. The Devils Favourite
    Demon indeed.

  6. Daniel Bryan should have had a match on RAW. The fans on the internet hate
    him but that crowd started chanting for Daniel Bryan.

  7. Outside of this cameo, was Bryan even on the show?
    This is ridiculous. it’s a 3 hr show and he can’t have a match or
    interview? Why did they even rush him back from injury? The guy was super
    over like no one has been in a long time and they’ve just dropped the ball
    with him. UFC is where it’s at. The company’s Man crushes aren’t just
    handed things over guys who work hard and are actually over.

  8. Funny how back in their Team Hell No days, Kane was the one who tried to
    talk some sense into Daniel Bryan. and now, It’s the other way around

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