25 thoughts on “Inside America’s Billion-Dollar Weed Business: The Grass is Greener

  1. VICE News meets the investors cashing in on the legal marijuana market and
    finds out how fractured laws are causing the American market to miss out on
    the green rush.

    Watch “Amsterdam’s War on Weed” – http://bit.ly/1dekkrJ

  2. California is overloaded with white trust fund people and business types
    who simply have the money to pay the fees but couldnt give a shit about
    quality or for medical patients.People forget if it wasn’t for the medical
    side recreational probably would have took longer to legalize.Look at how
    those guys laugh when they say medical benefits it is really because they
    got into for money.The fact people keep calling it marijuana makes me
    cringe if they actually knew the meaning of that word they wouldn’t use it
    but sadly most people in the weed BUSINESS dont give a shit… We tested 30
    products from Denver and LA and 28 of them came back less thc than
    advertised.Most wax concentrate products are leaf and are unaffordable for
    medical patients.Weed is still in most places 20 a gram which is greed.You
    cant keep calling it medicine and still charging black market prices.So
    fuck you I will grow my own….

  3. The secret to resolve the federal and state conflict is to demand through
    organized actions that Cannabis be reclassified as a schedule 3 or 4
    substance or even removed from the substance classification list all
    together. It is insane that this wild plant is a number 1 classification –
    it is not based upon any standard criteria other than what William Randolph
    Hurst wanted. If it was decriminalized a whole new industry based in hemp
    products would explode onto the market creating jobs and freedom.

  4. White people make millions on Marihuana, Black and Latino go to jail.
    R.I.P. Western civilization, 500 years of morbid racism. 

  5. Well it’s all good but the thing is lungs and teeth are gonna get fucked up
    in few years, the way of consuming weed should be definetily changed from
    smoking to something less harmful (vaporization lets say)

  6. Lets not let Us spearhead the marijuana revolution, vote Trudeau and we can
    initiate and pro-pulse ourselves into the endless possibilities we
    obviously need In Canada to counter balance the unpredictability and
    inefficiencies in the oil sector with the middle east wars and Usa’s
    unorthodox and dubious rejection of our proposal. Endless possibilities in
    the form of cures for cancer, new hemp building materials, new sources for
    paper instead of using up our forests for computer paper and so much more,
    it would quite silly if this hemisphere was not at the leading edge of the
    Marijuana wave front instead of marching ourselves off to perpetual war and
    resource inequity/dominations.

  7. Only reason why Cannabis is spreading across the country : 2 very RICH
    businessmen/politicians who I shall not mention there name, has roughly
    $400 million of investments in the industry. They are pushing everything
    forward so thanks to them

  8. Cant wait till all the superstitious baby boomers die off, so the more
    progressive current generation can take over and stop trying to force
    prayers and the idea maurijuana is bad for everyone

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