24 thoughts on “How To Write A Great Business Plan

  1. Some of the employees are like – “Tai, can we just get back to fucking
    work please?”

    I’m kidding. What type of business is this BTW?

  2. You can have a plan and do all the SWOT analysis’ you like. Not until you
    EXECUTE ACTION every single day will that idea even have a chance.

    Btw those two girls at the front in the black are bad.

  3. I am filled with ideas that I don’t think I could accomplish in my
    lifetime. It’s more of a change of thought worldwide, and a unity between
    all. I must learn to focus on the small steps that head in the direction of
    that vision. It’s hard to plan for something that is so unpredictable. The
    only thing I can do is keep my passion alive in everything that I do. So if
    It doesn’t work or fails financially it’s not even noticed because I’m
    doing what I love none the less. I only can hope that my successor has just
    as much passion.

  4. Tai thanks for your awesome vids..So many ideas.. btw that hot chick in
    front doesn’t give a shit about anything you have to say

  5. love the video, will read the book, quick question – if you have an idea
    and you write up a business plan, how do you get investors?? my downfall is
    in the selling… a little advice would be great…. :)

  6. The smoking hot Brunette over his left shoulder, on the corner, is VERY
    distracting. It’s “HARD” to concentrate on what he’s talking about. :-)

  7. I love how +Tai Lopez is driving the speed reading movement forward. There
    really is no substitute for absorbing information from a physical book. No
    distraction. Pure value. I think people would be so much more empowered if
    they were to feed their mind and equip themselves with the information they
    need to succeed in whatever they are doing.

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