24 thoughts on “How To Create An Online Business That Makes Money 24/7

  1. Wow this was very detailed. I like it!
    I’m working on my own online business at the moment and I also knew some of
    that stuff but I like to see different views.

    Best wishes from Germany

  2. I loved your video!:) You know what I’ve been thinking about this for the
    longest time and wanted to ask you,

    how do you self record yourself and get it to look so clean and
    professional? Are you using a specific camera or software to get it clean
    and professional looking?

    I’m assuming your using just a tri pod and a high end recorder???
    Thank you in Advance 

  3. Hey buddy,
    you are an amazing warrior champ. i study your videos everyday. thank you
    for your contribution and efforts. i am actually mirroring you right now. i
    have done all the greats but its guys like you and me that make it easier
    for people to understand.

  4. You’re brilliant and polished to just the right degree. Thank you for the
    help and I’d be happy to buy your info.

  5. has anyone else thought, why the fuck do i have to climb this
    ladder,spending the same or more than just simply going on flippa or some
    website seller and buying a prebuild website, and learn to promote and
    produce income from it

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