25 thoughts on “How The Government Is Hurting The Marijuana Business

  1. It’s only illegal because cannabis cures cancer. Treatment costs 61 billion
    dollars and they want they want to loose that money?

  2. I wish the Feds would crack down on those businesses selling pot. It’s a
    dangerous drug and should not be legalized.

  3. I’m just waiting until big cooperation start manufacturing marijuana so the
    price falls dramatically, and then I might consider smoking again.

  4. Let people put into their bodies whatever they wan’t. We can’t look after
    them like they were children, but we can’t either forbid them to consume
    whatever they want ‘cos thats an individual right. Everyone is responsible
    for their actions.

  5. I wish this was happening here in Sweden. i probably wont me alive the day
    cannabis is legalized or just decriminalized if ever.:P. we are so far
    behind in this.. its sickening.

  6. Who the fuck has the right to tell you what you can and can’t ingest. Ok,
    if they offer knowledge and advice it’s understandable but if they straight
    up prohibit you from partaking then fuck them a million times then a
    million more. Fuck this authoritarian world where a select group of people
    decide how everyone else is going to live.

  7. You guys have no knowledge in economics at all. Marijuana prohibition make
    drug cartels businesses grow and prosper. The government doesn’t hurt their
    business at all.

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