25 thoughts on “Fishy Business: Austin buys a fish tank for his new house

  1. Wait! Wait! Wait! Hold up!

    Zach has a tattoo!

    I’ve been watching your YouTube videos for like forever! And I NEVER
    noticed that!

    Wow! I feel dumb! :P

  2. At 11:34, Austin starts singing Frozen. “Let my mom rage on, her rage never
    bothered me anyways.” Only one who heard that? 

  3. I really like Austin but he seems to be being irresponsible and just buying
    these things as mere accessories just because he can.

    Before any of his fans moan, don’t bother. He is a human and can and will
    be criticised too.

  4. Austin on your next video and am saying this for all the mahomies plz do a
    house tour, so far what I’ve seen it looks good

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