25 thoughts on “DoppelBangers and Fan-Friction! (GMOD: Offensive Business Ideas)

  1. I cant believe I finally found a video witch was posted 2 mins ago I am
    officially addicted to YouTube I am now off to therapy

  2. One of my friends legitimately wanted to go on shark tank with her idea of
    “Dehydrated Breast Milk” and I laughed at her.

    True story. 

  3. The DoppelBanggers idea has me thinking, there may be a Vampire Diaries
    fanfic of Elena and Katherine (doppelgangers of each other btw) going
    lesbian with each other

  4. How hasn’t G-Mod made this into an official mode?
    Well, it should … … somehow.
    Concerning the fanfiction. Did you know that I have one? I know, awesome
    … somewhat.

  5. I..l….uhh really would like a doppelbangers that would fucking be great I
    mean telling someone to go fuck themselves and then they do it….better
    than masturbation I would think…… 

  6. Finally, something to take my mind off of Disney fucking us in the ass with
    their Live-Action Winnie the Pooh.

  7. I didn’t get the (Q-box? CueBox? Quebox?) joke. I even went to google, and
    didn’t get anything when I put all of those names in, even with “racist” or
    “racism” in front of, or behind, respectively.

  8. I don’t know why but for some reason I got sad that chilled hasn’t been
    wearing a tank top in a while. I mean I’m not gay but u know……… I
    miss it. So please chilled just wear a tank top when you film 

  9. “I’m used to me and Ze having sex”-ChilledChaos 2015

    Let’s be honest for a second, Chilled obviously ships himself with Ze,if
    they don’t adopt children,I give up on society

  10. As a twin who doesn’t have to look far for a dopple…banger, I’m still
    calling Boner Bait as the best idea EVER.

  11. Is shark tank like the USA equivalent of UK Dragons Den.

    People ask for the businessmens investment in their business for a share of
    the business?

  12. Favorite dick flavor? I don’t know they’re all great. I’m thinkin Korean if
    I got to be honest. With Russian as a close follow up.

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