25 thoughts on “Counterfeiting : Documentary on the Business of Counterfeits and Knock-Offs

  1. 0:05 the narrator is looking in the mirror with his bangs in his face and
    his balls tucked between his thighs as he records his voiceover in a
    microphone that looks like a veiny black dick.

  2. At 3:30 he says a huge threat on our society. I dont know about you.. but
    the only people I see being at a dsiadvataged by these counterfeiting is
    the big rich ceo’s of these big name companies. If anything society loses
    even more money to these big brand ceo’s. So yes. T’was a good joke saying
    society is at a disadvantage. Rich bastards

  3. If counterfeiters can make products almost as good as the real McCoy but
    with a much lower price, why copy the brand name? You already got a product
    that’s quality and worth buying. And ofc I’m not referring to
    pharmaceuticals or condoms here but things like shoes, clothes, etc.

  4. Lol. A brand means totally nothing, the Chinese can produce as good quality
    as the brand they fake nowadays.

  5. How ironic the exploiters, got exploited.
    Some of these multi national corporations will need more than this to get
    sympathy off me.
    These corporations have exploited lax labour laws in developing countries
    for years, including the jail and murder of anyone trying to get better
    conditions for the workers.
    Now the tears are flowing because someone has exploited their name for
    profit, but this okay while you did it for huge profit.

  6. here’s an idea: Why don’t chiense make their own brands to replace the more
    expensive American brands

  7. People who say the real thing vs the knock offs are the same thing are
    fucking blind, especially when it comes to the NFL Nike Jersey’s. It pisses
    me off because you can easily tell when someone is wearing a fake Jersey.
    The Logo is off or the design is off in obvious ways. OK, so yes, I’m well
    aware of the messed up labor practices over seas. At least I’m doing my
    part to keep job security for the child workers by buying authentic.

  8. *The truth will always set you free, and the seeker will find. The problem
    is, that no one seems to give a single fuck in this world.*

    *If you’re a truth seeker, go to truthcontest•com and read “The Present”

  9. I don’t really mind knockoffs of handbags and that sort of products, but
    when it comes to food and especially medication, it becomes dangerous and
    we should take this problem very seriously.

  10. I have no qualm with copies. I don’t believe in patents or copyrights .
    However, Trademarks mush be enforced and protected.

  11. This starts off “This is a film about a criminal industry that is sweeping
    the world”.

    No this is actually a film about counterfeiting because the criminals are
    the so called “REAL” brands paying people in a sweatshop crumbs and coming
    back to America and selling it for so much that people kill people over it.
    I’d call that a criminal industry.
    Making people believe that a shirt from Target that is $5, when a Polo
    horse is added to it actually cost $150.

  12. Real Product = Made in China using cheap labor and cheap materials.

    Counterfeit Product = Made in China using cheap labor and cheap materials.

    Only difference is that the real product has marketing money behind it and
    can charge 10x as much.

  13. China is doing REAL capitalism with REAL free market. In the US the big
    brands get to stay big by doing crony capitalism and buying politicians.
    Real free market is this ! People want the best quality for the lowest
    price, brand doesn’t go anywhere in there, its all about which company is
    smarter and more efficient.

  14. whats the difference between a legitimate channel hand bag and a fake one?
    it is illegal to fake and counterfeit things a got that, but is it alright
    to get filthy rich from slaving the poor people of China? by having them to
    work a whole lot for just pennies. the problem doesn’t end with just
    putting people in prison or taken away their only way they find for earning
    a living . I think the problem lies beyond that. We must stop the big
    corporations from profiting on the expenses of others. The whole system is
    corrupted but everything starts from the higher ups period. 

  15. This film reminds me of when Japan was known as the center for shoddy
    counterfeiting and name-brand knockoffs. Now people put a high price on
    what are called “vintage” Japanese goods from the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s. In
    a couple of decades people will be seeking out vintage Chinese goods and
    decrying the cheap products coming out of Africa.

  16. No one to blame but the multicompanies, themselves… they want cheap labor
    and maximum profit… they go to china because of cheap labor, the chinese
    people are not fool enough to agree with these scheme without a bargain…
    they are ok for cheap labor but they will copy the products then sell them
    as counterfeit…. which is a billion dollars trade… 

  17. Union and socialist greed , endless greed , has finally killed or forced
    business to relocate. Companies that supported communities with good jobs
    can no longer compete with the constant greed of these countries and
    employees. It really is simple money, wealth, jobs, and talent all go to
    where they are welcome, wanted, respected and can earn a profit. If the
    West want’s to compete and keep it’s businesses it must reduce the size of
    government spending, lower taxes massively, and drastically reduce social
    programs, and get rid of old out dated and unnecessary unions that are a
    cancer to job creation. Times have changed and so must our old outdated
    ways of doing things and our desire to have government do everything for

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