24 thoughts on “Conservative Blames Failed Business On Libs. Thanks Obama!

  1. I live near Lawrence so you can imagine my surprise when I drove by and saw
    this truck. While it’s true that Lawrence does lean towards the left, it’s
    still fucking Kansas; this is a deep red state. By the way, his business
    failed because his furniture was shitty and, shockingly, he had a bad
    attitude. I love Lawrence, it’s a fun college town and it’s a nice break
    from all the ultra-conservative areas in Kansas; but seeing this truck made
    my day, I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time, so thanks crazy dude!

  2. People should really take being called “commies” by conservatards as a
    compliment. Because everything that isn’t them is probably better.

  3. My brother lives in Lawrence, Kansas. Lol. I’ve been there and it’s
    definitely a much more liberal part of Kansas.

  4. The only possible defense i can even remotely think of to validate any of
    what this guy is saying is if he got his company shut down specifically
    because of over regulation, which is possible since over regulation is an
    issue in the US, and often caused by republicans ironically.

    If that is not the case, then he should start up a salt company, he already
    has excess.

  5. Nooo…. Accept Marxism…. What the hell is Marxism anyway? I mean, Marx
    offered up a critique of capitalism. And there’s plenty to critique about
    Aside from the fact that we don’t have capitalism. (Pure capitalism
    requires the full and complete elimination of government. Anyone wanna try
    that? Do we dare risk it all for pure capitalism?
    Now communism means: working people taking control of the state and
    instituting policies that serve them. Or just plain: DEMOCRACY….
    The full demonization of communism/Marxism has to do with the fact that it
    means, at its heart, democracy.
    I mean, you don’t want people to EMBRACE DEMOCRACY. That’s a huge threat to
    people in positions of power.
    We, again, don’t have capitalism. We’ve corporate rule, corporate control,
    corporate slavery… which is neither democracy or freedom but fucking

  6. He’ll be a “news” caster on FOX for his next job. His stupidity gives him
    all the credentials he needs.

  7. So he hates half of his customer base, but is surprised that no one wants
    to shop there?!?!? This guy is def, off his meds or he is watching way too
    much Fox news…which equates to the same.

  8. Anna you are correct that political ads can flat out lie yet there is no
    regulations against it, on the other hand your laugh makes me fall out my
    chair laughing lol

  9. It’s the libs… nothing to do with his extremely conservative governor’s
    fucked up economic policies!

  10. This nigga needs suck it up take responsibility for his actions and pull
    himself by the bootstrappes and quit his complaining and whining. He is a
    emotional ass bitch, white conservative men are the biggest bitches ever,
    even the gayest of white men aren’t this soft hell white conservative women
    don’t bitch and moan this much. Conservative white women have bigger balls
    than conservative white men.

  11. He spends thousands of dollars on these billboard trucks to curse the city

  12. Kansas is owned by the K0CHS and is the poster child for all that the
    K0CHsucking reichwing wants for America.

  13. Exactly how many banks or oil companies or media companies has the U.S.
    government nationalized since Obama was elected? The answer is none. Why?
    Because Obama is a capitalist. This rabid conservative who obviously has no
    trouble telling people how much he hates liberals sets up a business in a
    progressive town full of unionized teachers and college students and then
    wonders why his business failed? Maybe it was because the local
    residents preferred to spend their money elsewhere, probably in a store
    where they felt welcome rather than threatened. That’s how *free-market
    capitalism* works.

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