25 thoughts on “Charlamagne: Why Would Rich Homie Quan Do Business With Birdman?

  1. Why would ANYONE do business with Birdman period? If he fucked over Lil
    Wayne he will fuck over everybody else. 

  2. Bird has been doing this for years, I’m surprised the label is just now
    starting to crumble. You don’t just rip someone off for millions of dollars
    over night without them noticing

  3. Birdman on the same level As Jay Z when it comes to building artist making
    them stars.. FOH Vlad you stay on Birdman dick please calm down bruh..

  4. Basically rich homie quan didn’t want to have sex with birdman, but he so
    skinny that bird just raped him. This is why the tension is there.

  5. I watched a video (it’s on Youtube) where Juvenile and Cash Money were
    rapping “Back that ass up” in a concert and they were picking out girls to
    shake their asses on stage and as they were pointing out and picking women,
    Birdman comes and points to like one or two dudes (lol) and got them on
    stage. You hear Birdman at one point say, “I need dude right there!” and
    “him too, him too!” 

  6. Young Thug’s voice is like an instrument? It’s hard for me to believe his
    album doing well. There’s no way I for one could tolerate that voice for a
    whole hour.

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