1. Wallah I do not know why sisters were offended because you never used
    ‘Muslim models’ what a corrupt mentality. Love your stuff and pray Allah
    gives you more success :) 

  2. I liked the video as soon as you answered the second question!! Very Well
    answered my sister, I agree people complain when they find a Muslim company
    selling something not completely directed to one group yet they’ll shop in
    H&M, Zara, River Island etc when they don’t use hijabi models..

  3. I honestly think it would’ve been great if you used a wide range of models!
    Hijabis, non Hijabis, black/white – wide range so you’re catering for large
    audiences. I definitely think you should have used hijabi models too
    because us Hijabis aren’t represented in fashion enough and there aren’t
    enough hijabi models in the industry and also it may change perspectives of
    Muslim women for people who may not be used to seeing Muslim women in
    fashion. :) love the collection though so you should be really proud! 

  4. It’s nice of you to answer some of the publics questions dina, alot of
    business people wouldn’t even bother. Can I ask please, do you use fair
    trade, ethical work practices? Or rather is that happening at the beginning
    of the process with the people who make your scarves, receiving good wages,
    working conditions etc? Because if that’s the case then I can appreciate
    your mark up. 

  5. I basically agreed with the whole video. I would honestly buy a piece from
    your website because of the originality and the modesty of it. Obviously
    when I get a job though! And if you did stock up bigger sizes. But, I’m so
    happy to see someone who thinks of a broad target audience. What I like is
    that you’re not a crowd follower. I support small businesses but, I must
    say I am bored of online websites selling products that are everywhere and
    can be found in East London market and changing the name to something fancy
    like ‘the midnight mist bag’ __ 

  6. Your skin is glowing, makeup is gorgeous and love, love, lovvveee he nose
    loop!!! I tried it recently but it was painfulllll to take off and on and
    made me bleed…. Any tips? 

  7. I agree with there not being much originality anymore. One sister who has
    original and beautiful pieces that I highly recommend a look-into is Sister
    +Zaaynab Le’Von :) She not only has gorgeous pieces she also makes oils and
    more mashaAllah.

  8. Not sure if its just me but kind of dissapointed how it seems to me like
    she feels she ‘has’ to answer to people like its her clothing line & she
    can price whatever she wants & model whoever she wants etc… Being a guy
    lol even i would only buy things that are of good quality just felt like
    she had to answer to everyone, when she doesnt plus to keep something going
    you have to make something like she said but i get her how shes like
    ‘people just think your rich cause you have a business’ but yeah InshAllah
    your clothing line goes well Dina goodluck

  9. Completely agree with the non-hijabi model comments you made, it’s the
    smartest move, why would you box yourself in just so you can make naysayers
    happy. Naysayers aren’t paying your bills. These people would not say the
    same thing to either Elie saab or Zuhair Murad both arabs although not
    muslim (i think) make some beautiful modest dresses and have a broad

  10. The comment section of this video (and every other video) is filled with a
    bunch of JUDGMENTAL and awful people. Most of them Muslim. Highly doubt
    you’re being a great representation of Islam. I’m not Muslim but reading
    through the horrible comments would seriously turn me away from the
    religion if I was interested in converting. Not good guys, not good.

  11. I understand that you wanted to have ur clothing line open to all people
    and not only hijabis, but i feel like maybe you should have used one hijabi
    model? Because in the same way, we could say you arent targeting us by not
    having a hijabi model… Idk that’s just how i feel. And the h & m example
    isnt really relevant bc the owner probably isnt muslim… I mean idk… to
    each their own i guess. I still love you though! Its just my opinion :)
    much love!

  12. +A list God no. As women, our hair is part of our beauty. So, we were
    mandated by God(Allah) to cover it. We are only supposed to show our beauty
    to our immediate family, men we cannot marry such as granddad, uncles, etc,
    and other females. However, if we are engaged to a man, I do believe we can
    show her our hair at least once. She is not supposed to have her hair out
    like that in the front. For example, what would be the point in wearing
    underwear and pants, if you are going to have a whole where your private
    areas are showing? 

  13. I’m grateful to Dina for how much she has inspired me as well as other
    hijabis. Sisters, we don’t have many Muslim women in the internet or
    fashion world. Instead of scrutinizing and criticizing the few that we have
    over silly things (piercing, little hair showing, types of models), we
    should be supportive and motivating. That’s the Islamic way! If you want to
    give her advice or anything, send her a message in a private and loving
    way. Otherwise, leave it alone. 

  14. can you help me to start making sketches i really want to start but i want
    an idea from you! because for me, masha’Allah you are a successful
    beautiful women 

  15. A good business person will expose her product/ brand to a global market
    not just one market. Why would she limit herself? Being that she’s putting
    up the capital or getting investors she has the right to advertise her
    vision however she best thinks will make her brand successful. She’s
    selling the scarf. It’s up to the consumer how they want to wear it.
    Congratulations Dina and much success to you. 

  16. So glad u did this video – just goes to show its not something tht came out
    overnight, you worked really hard for it! iA the business continues to
    flourish xx

  17. You’re such an inspiration, and your collection is FABULOUS! I’m hoping to
    collect enough pocket money to get some stuff from your collection… I
    totally understand the price issue and everything you said is totally
    understandable and I totally agree… and this video was actually so
    helpful for my business studies :)

  18. Dina I hope you know that if you did use a Muslim model, people would’ve
    then commented ‘OMGOD so not modest a Muslim model’ .. So moral of the
    story …. Who gives a fuck, do whatever you’re gonna do because someone’s
    is always gonna have some criticism for you ☺️

  19. This kinda made me realise how impossible it is for a hijabi like me to do
    anything, especially make cloths 

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