1. I hope some day I can inspire people to enjoy the little things in life
    through my videos like you do through yours

  2. i’m so jealous of business class! whenever i travel, i got with ryanair and
    sit in uncomfortable chairs and eat dry stale food!!

  3. For sure make the effort to go to Oman. It’s incredible and and you’ll
    probably get a more authentic experience than Dubai – proud to call it home

  4. How do you consistently get so little sleep and not feel awful all of the
    time? The mind boggles!!

    Reserving my commentary about Dubai for now (with its glaring issues). Glad
    you will be traveling a bit further afield.

  5. “Ohh hey guys. I’m in Dubai and this is my friend Steve!” I swear does
    Louis have a friend in every country?? Everywhere he goes he seems to know
    someone! I love it! Hopefully when we start traveling, when we get our
    airstream and our youtube audience grows more, we can have friends all over
    the world. Who wants to be my friend? 

  6. so emirates give you free flights and in return you promote their business
    class! the first 3 minutes were like a lousy commercial.

  7. I don’t know why you went to Dubai, it is the scum of the earth. Still have
    slave workers in 2015… Don’t forget about female rights. They also funded
    the rebels who became ISIS today.

  8. Where does he get all this money from? I saw him buying a 900 dollar camera
    kit and going ‘just’ to dubai every now and then also shows he isn’t really
    conscious about his money.

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