24 thoughts on “Boosie Badazz Details His New “Badazz Kennels” Business Venture

  1. …….hmm if I had sold 4 million dollars worth of clothes “supposedly”
    ,now I’m going into the pittbull business ?hmmm

  2. This is bullshit. There are already way too many dogs that could use a
    home. He doesn’t need to be breeding more. I myself had a pit that was a

  3. You can’t tell me that Crunchy Black, from three 6 mafia, didn’t undergo a
    molting process to valmophanize into Boosie. 

  4. The problem with most rappers is not all are business minded when it comes
    to legit shit but some usually meet positive minded successful people and
    magic is born. #legitovereverything

  5. Boosie straight from the streets of b.r. Like me and my music group. Go
    listen to my song on my channel with boosie, that bitch go hard.

  6. I use to fuck with this nigga. but after that “blacks are the worse race”
    statement, i can’t fuck with this coon nigga no matter how “real” he
    suppose to be….

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