25 thoughts on “Big Show means business: Raw Fallout, July 20, 2015

  1. Listen WWE drop these video titles. The only thing Big Show means business
    about is that he wants his Twinkies with extra cream.

  2. Not sure if this was a face turn or a way for the creative team to respond
    to the “please retire chants”…

  3. Big Show must think it’s 1995 cos he called himself The Giant but
    immediately corrected himself. The Giant was his name in WCW for all you
    kids that don’t know. 

  4. I wish Big Show could be in The Expendables 4 as a villain and fighting
    Randy Couture or Antonio Banderas!! or Fast & Furious 8 as a villain!!

  5. From body slam challenge to before Ryback and the Miz back in the day to
    Knockout Challenge? Damn lemme see how long will one of the contestants
    goes down like that

  6. I think Big Show is a living legend who was once the most dominant star of
    WWE but now people seem to not appreciate him, really think that he should
    be in the contest for a championship belt.

  7. -Grow long hair once again like WCW days

    -Change entrance music

    -Changing clothing style

    If the above done, then, Big Show will be a beast again!

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