23 thoughts on “Being Gay Is None Of Their Business?!

  1. No matter what i don’t bring my sexuality up unless someone asks, because
    one, it is kinda obvious to most, and two, i don’t care to know anyone
    else’s so they shouldn’t care to know mine, BUT, like Davey said, i have
    had 3 girls in college hate me because of being gay, that was the only
    reason, but once they saw i never talk about it, I’m not just about being
    gay all the time, i came to college to do work and just that, i like to
    make friends, i can make the class and teachers laugh, i can be depressed,
    once they just saw that i was human, they said they started to like me and
    now we’re friends, one of them it is kinda shocking with as she is a gypsie
    and she grew up with a strict Catholic family and her family would kill me
    if she told them about me, probably would get rid of her too, so for her to
    change her mind and like me after all of life of being taught to hate me?
    It’s amazing :3

  2. My issue, which is in a comment earlier is this whole, be out, be proud,
    education people about our culture stuff.

    It really should be, be proud of who you are…..the rest of this culture
    blah blah blah is part of the stereotype, it should die out.

  3. I came out to my dad this week and apparently according to him im apart of
    a minority now and how there not homophobic but its wired when its there
    own son. They said they still love me and stuff but there acting really
    awkward about it… i know ive had a pretty good reaction from what could
    have happened but how can i get across to them that we no longer live in
    the 1960’s and most people are accepting of gay people??

  4. What a great timing Davey so I’m gay….and I’m brown(superwoman reference)
    and I’m Muslim and apparently for reasons that I don’t fully understand
    its…well punishable by death according to my family anyways and on top of
    that my sister just found out about me and my guy and has told everyone she
    knows and this is a very educated woman she’s a gynaecologist and she
    should know better but obviously doesn’t I don’t know what to do tbh and I
    just want people to help me figure it out….people who understand the
    situation fully 

  5. This was a great video. And some of the things you said, hit very close to
    I’m in the proces of coming out as bisexual, after hiding it and lying to
    myself and others for about 15 years, and I’m lucky enough to have some
    friends and family who support in me in that, and at least as important as
    that, they also respect the fact that I am bi. I was really afraid of how
    they were going to react but they’ve been so nice and accepting. If that
    weren’t the case, I wouldn’t have had the courage to place this comment, so
    yeah, for me being accepted for who I am is very important.

    edit: Well, yeah, edit, but more like an addition. To me it’s important to
    be accepted, like I said, and that’s why I finally started the coming out
    thing. It is such a relieve and it feels so good I can finally be honest
    and open about it. So yeah, I’m kinda making it other peoples business too.

    p.s. I love your vids Davey, you sexy beast you =p

  6. There are certain places this works and certain places this does not work.
    Take for instance your co-workers with whom you MUST get along with if your
    coworkers are homophobic and no longer want to work with you then you have
    no choice but to quit even if you like the job because of the tension. On
    the other hand if it’s friends who are outside your work then go for it.
    But I have to kinda disagree with you Davey because sometimes a person’s
    sexuality really is none of anyone’s business. Would you casually go up to
    someone you know and ask them if they have a girlfriend/boyfriend? I
    wouldn’t until I truly trusted them.

  7. Sometimes when I meet new people they don’t know that I’m gay and ask me
    questions on who I’m dating and if I talk to girls, but I still don’t just
    say IM GAY. I’ll only say if it they ask

  8. I completely disagree. I feel like being out doesn’t mean you have to
    announce it to the world everytime you walk into a room. If someone asks or
    the conversation goes there that’s cool. But saying people need to make it
    others business is kind of obnoxious. 

  9. I have a friend from work who didn’t come out by telling me he was gay – he
    just came with a boyfriend one day. So much in the same way as I showed my
    heterosexuality. He didn’t hide his sexuality, we just never talked about
    sex (yes it is possible to be friends and not talk sex).
    I thought that was nice that he just turned up and expected to be accepted
    – no questions asked. That to me said we had come all the way. Cause when
    you don’t feel like you have to tell about your sexuality, but can just be
    – that’s when you are truly free.

  10. To be honest, I say that. I’m out to my parents, friends and everyone
    besides other relatives and family friends. I just don’t feel confident
    enough to have the whole world know that I’m gay. Ino I should come out
    completely but I’m nervous for how relatives will take it.

  11. I agree with everything Davey said. There are a few reasons for choosing
    to hide your sexuality ( depending on the level of homophobia in your
    country ). If you live in a country were being gay is a crime, or
    punishable by death, or likely to bar you from specific jobs, or alienate
    family members who you depend on, then it’s understandable. Generally
    though, if ALL the closeted LGBT people came out of the closet on the same
    day, the social impact would be enormous. Being LGBT would rapidly become
    so “normal” that it would be boring – and that’s a GOOD thing.

  12. Everyone’s so worried about stereotypes and someone being to “fem” or to
    this or too that in the gay community and it’s really sad we criticize our
    own community just like homophobes criticize us idgaf who u are what u do
    etc. you treat me with respect and I will treat you with respect as well
    the LGBTQ+ community is such an amazing one but we have many issues we need
    to work on and worrying about what straight people think of us is one of
    them like masculine guys think they are better than fem ones because they
    are more “straight” or bi guys who only fuck “masc” bottoms like enough of
    these stupid ass labels and narrow minded bullshit like fuck

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